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Thank you to Mary Catherine Langley, former National Today's Miss, for allowing us to use her beautiful picture for our ad, featured in Pageantry Magazine - Summer 2014 - and thanks to Marie Wiggins at Ray of Light Images for taking the picture. We are looking forward and excited about the future of Today's Girl!

Today's Girl truly isn't just another beauty pageant. It's not about how glitzy girls can look on stage or how much parents can spend on a wardrobe. It's about being the best "me" you can be and about helping our girls to focus on their futures. Today's Girls build their character, hone their talents, and give back to their communities every day. Today's Girl is a certifying organization for the President's Volunteer Service Award and our girls have accumulated over 60,000 hours of community service work since the organization's inception. That's a lot of giving and caring, and a lot of work by all of our participants, performed by girls who just want to make a difference in their world. At Today's Girl, we believe that young ladies who learn to participate in community service activities early in life continue those efforts into adulthood. And if everyone gives a little, we can do alot.

The Today's Girl Youth Organization was founded in 2005. Coupled with our dedication to community service is the spirit of competition. Over the years, many beautiful and talented young ladies have reigned as state and national royalty.

If you want to be the best "you" that you can be, join us. Become a part of the Today's Girl world and make a difference. You will find an exceptional group of young ladies and a caring staff ready to help you reach your goals.

For more information about our organization, email info@todaysgirl.net. We can't wait to see you on stage!